zines for social change and expression


Voila- free zines! Here’s a bundle of zines all for your taking- so download them, print them, fold ’em up, and pass them along to whomever, wherever. Technology and all the fancy, profit-busting, information sharing we can do! Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the zines available digitally but I’ve tried to provide links of how you can find them elsewhere. Also, if you’re into the good old printed versions of things, they are all available in paper. If you’re looking for printed copies, e-mail me at sarahtearex@gmail.com, go to my zine shop, or seek out another distro that stocks these zines.

Zines I’ve written or helped compile…

Zines I have contributed to…

Ehem, a few extra notes…

All of these zines cover intense experiences and may be difficult for some people to read. Please keep in mind that reading them could bring up some hard emotions and could be triggering. When reading the zines, try to keep in mind self-care: think of ways to comfort yourself, skip over zine pieces that are too much for you at the moment, talk to supportive friends, lovers, family, local organisations, or helplines, and find other ways of coping- my faves are making art, drinking tea, going for walks, and impersonating dinosaurs.

Get A Grip is now available in Braille! Sweet as! If you want a Braille edition, e-mail me and we can work out getting you a copy. Also, if you have any recommendations of other ways to make these zines more accessible I’d appreciate any suggestions.

If you’re printing out these zines, look out for the fact that they are in different paper sizes. Any of the zines made in Canada and the USA are in standard letter size. Zines from elsewhere are all in standard A4 paper size. These sizes aren’t wildly different from each other but you can adjust the settings to make for a cozier zine fit.

If you’re from a distro who wants to stock any of these digital zines, you are welcome to them. I do ask that you sell them on for as little as possible, preferably by donation/sliding scale or just enough to cover print and postage costs. I want these zines to be affordable and accessible. Also, out of courtesy, it’d be nice to send me an e-mail and let me know you’re including the zine(s) in your distro. Thanks!


One response

  1. luca

    Tea-Rex! This is awesome, congratulations. Of course you can upload the poly zine on here – the others have given their OK for qzap, so I guess it will be allright. There will be a longer email from me soon – this is just a quick reply for you to get this site running!
    Good job and good luck. I am jealous – I wish I will have a site like this one day. But I am still in the babyshoes of zine, aye!?

    January 1, 2011 at 11:51 am

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