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LGBTQ Jewish Hanukah!

A video compilation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Jewish people wishing young LGBTQ Jews happy Hanukah!

This was an independent project in London, England but also includes lovely people from Boston, USA. We’re only the tiniest fraction of the diverse LGBTQ and Jewish people and communities out there in the world. This video aims to raise visibility of LGBTQ Jews, especially to young people, but it does not claim to be representative of anybody other then ourselves.

Term clarification:
*Transgender- a person who identifies their gender as different to the sex others considered them to be at birth.
*Queer- can include gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. It is often used to state “not-straight”. Some people find this word offensive, others have re-claimed this word as empowering for them.

Thanks so much to all the awesome people who contributed. You are great!

I hope you have a good Hanukah, wherever you are in the world, however you identify.

Shalom Aleikhem


Zinefesting Queer

It’s always an exciting time, new places, new zine events, new shops to try to woo into discount printing my zinester enthusiast work. I’m really excited that this Saturday is Queer Zine Fest London. Bloody hell, I haven’t been to a zinefest in ages because of health issues and mobility problems. I’m looking forward to seeing all my old friends, and all the new people, especially in a queer specific space. That’s awesome.

The last couple weeks have been really hectic. For fucks sake, I spontaneously managed to get over a litre of air trapped between the walls of my left lung! Damn, they call it “pneumothorax”, and it’s kind of a bad ass to fix. So far between the bad health, the waiting times in A&E, and being homebound, I’ve added a new page for you! This one is my comics! More is coming in the future… but feel free to take a peek, there’s a newbie up there.

Maybe I’ll see you at the fest on Saturday? Come over and say hello!

Zines in Video!

A few years back I gave my friend Jackie a copy of my first zine, I Am Not The Rain, which I put together with my friend Amber. It’s a zine about a lot of things, mostly about life after experiencing childhood sexual abuse. Jackie was quite excellently awesome and asked Amber and I if she could turn it into a video story. The video also turned out to be quite excellently awesome. I have wanted to get it on-line for a while but only just figured out how! This also really excites me because I have been having conversations about zine accessibility, especially for disabled people, and how we can encourage zines being in multiple formats that suit different mediums of knowledge sharing. Thank you so much to all of those involved in the project. Without further adieu…

CAUTION: This video may bring up difficult emotions, it may be triggering or upsetting. Please view the video with self-care in mind. For on-line support, visit http://www.samaritans.org/ and http://www.rainn.org/ and http://www.childline.org.uk