zines for social change and expression

zine tea with a squeeze of lemon

I’ve been lucky enough to do two workshops over the past month. One of them (at the Lesbian Lives conference) was on Zines and Community Support, and the other (at Brighton Zinefest) was with Red on Survivor Zines: Telling our Stories of Sexual Violence. I am really thankful to all of you who came to the workshops and either listened or shared with us. It meant a lot to me personally to see how courageous and supportive people within our communities can be. As one of the Brighton Zinefest organizers, I really had a great weekend of workshops and stalls and I now have heaps of new zines to keep my mind churning while I escape the rain. Thanks.

Microcosm Publishing, well over a month later, has never replied to the e-mail I sent them on boycotting their distro due to their, frankly, fucked up approach to dealing with an abuse perpetrator on their collective.  But more independent and lovely distros are starting to pick up my zines so they’ll be available from friendlier sources anyway.

The Graduating Into Unemployment Zine is officially getting its act together and it will hopefully be complete in two shakes. Additionally, will has awesomely translated Get A Grip into Braille! So if you have an interest in nabbing yourself a braille edition, send me an e-mail and we can work something out. Also, will, thanks– you rock.


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